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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Klaviyo Email Marketing [2024]

In today’s digital landscape, effective email marketing is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Klaviyo, a powerful email marketing platform, has emerged as a leader in this field, offering a suite of tools designed to help businesses engage, retain, and convert customers. Whether you’re new to email marketing or looking to take your campaigns to the next level, this ultimate beginner’s guide to Klaviyo email marketing will provide you with everything you need to know to get started and succeed.

What is Klaviyo?

What is Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that allows businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns with ease. Unlike generic email marketing tools, Klaviyo is designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, making it a perfect choice for online retailers looking to boost sales and drive revenue.

With a user base exceeding 70,000 paying customers, this platform has risen to prominence as one of the leading email marketing solutions globally. Tailored for Shopify marketing, BigCommerce, and Magento stores, it has a myriad of sophisticated features including email segmentation, automation, comprehensive reporting, and drip campaign functionality.

Getting Started with Klaviyo

Getting Started with Klaviyo

Signing up for Klaviyo is easy and free. Simply visit their website, enter your email address, and follow the prompts to create an account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be guided through the setup process, which includes connecting your store, importing your contacts, and creating your first campaign.

Key Features of Klaviyo

1) Segmentation

One of Klaviyo’s standout features is its powerful segmentation capabilities. With Klaviyo, you can segment your audience based on a variety of criteria, including demographics, purchase history, and browsing behavior, allowing you to send targeted, personalized campaigns to different segments of your audience.

Klaviyo recently launched Klaviyo AI which allows you to describe segments and have their AI generate rules and filters to create them. They also launched predictive analytics which allow marketers to, with a good degree of accuracy, predict the gender and next order date for subscribers on your lists and segments. Wild!

2) Automation

Klaviyo’s automation features allow you to create sophisticated email flows that are triggered by specific actions or events, such as a new subscriber joining your list or a customer making a purchase. These automated flows can help you nurture leads, recover abandoned carts, and re-engage lapsed customers without having to manually send each email.

At Forge, we recommend the following flows as a foundation for any D2C ecommerce brand:

  1. Welcome Series: Get your subscribers to close the first deal by teaching them about your brand and services while increasing trust and building the foundations of a long-lasting relationship. 

  2. Post-Purchase: Increase customer retention and lifetime value turning them into loyal buyers. 

  3. Winback: Save money and stop sending emails to people who don’t want it. Using the re-engagement tactic will improve your email deliverability and make sure that you keep your list clean.

  4. Abandoned Cart: 73% of shopping carts are abandoned. Recover them at the right time, while they are still considering your products or services.
  5. Browse Abandonment: They can help remind your subscribers of their early interest and potentially bring them back to your online store. 

These foundational flows set you up for success in the early stages of marketing your business. It’s a solid retention strategy that is especially effective when you’re funneling people into your welcome sequence via paid ads, SEO, or other traffic generating tactics. 

3) Personalization

Personalization is key to effective email marketing, and Klaviyo makes it easy to personalize your campaigns with dynamic content based on each recipient’s preferences and behavior. From product recommendations to personalized discount codes, Klaviyo gives you the tools you need to deliver highly relevant content to your subscribers.

4) Analytics

Klaviyo provides detailed analytics that allow you to track the performance of your email campaigns in real-time. From open and click rates to revenue generated and ROI, Klaviyo’s analytics dashboard gives you valuable insights into how your campaigns are performing and where you can make improvements. You can also build custom reporting dashboards according to your specific needs and KPI interests.

They also recently launched an Email Deliverability dashboard that aids marketers in understanding how well their messages are landing in subscribers’ inboxes vs. getting filtered out as spam. In April 2024, Google and Yahoo updated their email sender requirements in efforts to protect consumers from fraudulent emails and phishing attacks. These measures do make it harder to get your marketing emails into your customers’ inbox, but also offer those who comply with certain guidelines (especially for bulk senders which are defined as addresses sending more than 5000 emails in a 24 hour period) a leg up against competitors who aren’t being compliant. For more information on this update and how you can stay compliant with Google and Yahoo’s sender requirements, check out this download from Klaviyo.

Best Practices for Success with Klaviyo

Best Practices for Success with Klaviyo

While Klaviyo offers a wide range of features to help you succeed with email marketing, there are some best practices you should keep in mind to get the most out of the platform:

  • Build Your List: Focus on growing your email list organically by offering valuable incentives such as discounts or exclusive content in exchange for signing up.

  • Segment Your Audience: Take advantage of Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities to send targeted, personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience.

  • Use Automation Wisely: While automation can save you time and effort, it’s important to use it wisely and avoid bombarding your subscribers with irrelevant or overly frequent emails.

  • Test and Iterate: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different email designs, subject lines, and calls to action to see what resonates best with your audience. Use A/B testing to optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

  • Monitor Your Results: Keep a close eye on your email analytics to track the performance of your campaigns and identify areas for improvement. Use this data to refine your strategies and achieve better results over time.

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7 Compelling Reasons to Opt for Klaviyo in Your Email Marketing Strategy

klaviyo marketing guide

Discover why Klaviyo stands out as the premier choice for your email marketing endeavors. Here are the key factors that set it apart:

1) Unrivaled Features Tailored for Ecommerce

Klaviyo mail has an extensive array of features uniquely designed for eCommerce platforms. Its data-centric approach empowers users with invaluable insights into their email campaigns, facilitating informed decision-making.

With robust automation capabilities and an extensive range of targeting and segmentation options, Klaviyo ensures maximum effectiveness in campaign execution. Unlike its counterparts, Klaviyo email marketing excels in capturing and analyzing data, enabling users to effortlessly monitor metrics such as unsubscribe rates per campaign—a task often cumbersome with other platforms.

2) Seamless Integration with Shopify

Klaviyo-Seamless Integration with Shopify

Designed with Shopify in mind, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with the platform, offering unparalleled synergy. The integration process is streamlined, requiring just a few minutes to set up. Leveraging Klaviyo Shopify integration unlocks a plethora of possibilities, with numerous email flows triggered by Shopify events. 

Whether it’s crafting abandoned cart emails, orchestrating SMS campaigns, or mapping out automated customer journeys, the Klaviyo platform empowers users to execute sophisticated strategies with ease. In contrast, platforms like Mailchimp severed direct integration with Shopify, necessitating the use of third-party tools—an inconvenience absent in Klaviyo’s Shopify-centric approach.

3) Klaviyo has an extensive array of integrations

When it comes to integrations, Klaviyo stands out. Beyond Shopify, it seamlessly integrates with virtually every eCommerce platform and application you might require. With over 200 pre-built integrations, spanning from customer support tools to SMS services, loyalty programs to user-generated content platforms, and subscription tools to payment gateways, Klaviyo covers all bases in your tech toolkit.

4) Klaviyo excels over Mailchimp in the realm of eCommerce

You may be wondering: what sets Klaviyo apart from Mailchimp? Klaviyo prioritizes eCommerce brands, which is reflected in its early development of pertinent features. In contrast, Mailchimp lacked eCommerce integrations for a considerable period. According to Klaviyo’s data, over 20,000 brands have migrated from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, a trend I’ve witnessed firsthand. Here are several standout features absent in Mailchimp:

  1. Dynamic product recommendations
  2. Automated birthday campaigns
  3. Streamlined drip campaign setup
  4. Omnichannel campaigns with SMS and push notifications
  5. User-friendly email templates
  6. Business metrics and real-time data analytics

5) Harness the power of predictive analytics

Klaviyo’s predictive analytics leverage data science and machine learning to offer profound insights. Beyond historical and overall customer lifetime value, Klaviyo’s AI predicts future lifetime value, estimated next order date, churn risk, and even gender. 

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6) Effortlessly craft tailored reports

Easily organize and filter data based on various criteria. Klaviyo aggregates data from emails, SMS, sign-up forms, eCommerce platforms, and custom integrations. Segment your audience based on customer profiles for effective retargeting of leads, loyal customers, and everyone in between. Plus, Klaviyo’s benchmarking feature compares your metrics to industry standards, highlighting areas where you may be underperforming.

7) Klaviyo Reigns Supreme for Business Growth

With its wealth of data and insights, Klaviyo stands out as the premier tool for unlocking growth potential in businesses. Having collaborated with numerous enterprises, it is observed that eCommerce brands utilizing Klaviyo experience superior delivery rates, open rates, click rates. Ultimately, it leads to increased revenue attribution. Klaviyo has a robust email infrastructure, surpassing that of its competitors in the era of email automation.

8) Expanding Horizons with SMS Marketing and Lead Generation

Klaviyo - SMS Marketing and Lead GenerationIn addition to email functionality, Klaviyo empowers users to construct various sign-up forms and initiate SMS marketing campaigns. For instance, you can orchestrate a targeted holiday campaign encompassing email promotions, text messages, and push notifications. Klaviyo email marketing enables the creation of automated flows across all three channels, allowing for precise scheduling and rule-based dispatching.

9) Targeted Outreach and Tailored Workflows

Targeted Outreach and Tailored Workflows

Why start from scratch when Klaviyo provides a range of pre-built automation to streamline your marketing efforts? These ready-to-use features empower brands to boost revenue without the need for extensive email marketing expertise or external support. Klaviyo equips you to craft refined email sequences, automated processes, and personalized transactional messages. Some notable examples include:

→ Welcoming series.
→ Cart abandonment notifications.
→ Re-engagement and upselling campaigns.
→ Personalized birthday greetings.
→ Transactional updates such as shipping and delivery notifications.

Furthermore, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with various tools for payment processing, customer loyalty programs, product reviews, surveys, and customer support tickets. 

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo Pricing

While some may note that Klaviyo comes with a higher price tag compared to Mailchimp, it’s essential to consider the value it provides. Klaviyo unlocks opportunities for incremental growth and facilitates the development of lasting customer relationships at scale. In contrast, Mailchimp may offer predictive analytics based on surface-level metrics but lacks the depth and effectiveness of Klaviyo’s offerings. Klaviyo’s superior return on investment speaks for itself.

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How Many Emails Should I Send? 

The frequency of your email sends should align with the size of your email list. Generally, larger lists allow for more frequent communication. However, it’s crucial to practice segmentation and pinpoint your most engaged audience segments to avoid overwhelming them with emails.

As a guideline for Klaviyo email marketing, if your list contains fewer than 10,000 subscribers, aim for 2 campaigns per week. For lists ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers, consider sending up to 4 email campaigns weekly. If your list exceeds 100,000 subscribers, you may send as many as 5 emails per week. Remember, these are approximate figures; it’s essential to experiment and adjust the frequency based on your audience’s response to your campaigns. Segmentation is key to higher frequency sends that preserve your deliverability, high open rate and click rate, etc. 

Streamlining Your Email List Segmentation

Email List Segmentation

To optimize your email marketing strategy, it’s essential to segment your audience effectively rather than resorting to mass emails. Tailoring your campaigns to specific subscriber groups increases engagement and boosts the likelihood of conversions. Here’s a quick and straightforward guide to email segmentation:

1) Utilize Klaviyo’s Diverse Segmentation Features:

→ Location-Based Segmentation
→ Gender-Based Segmentation
→ Behavior-Based Segmentation: Target specific behaviors related to items, product categories, or brands.
→ Engagement-Tier Segmentation: Moreover, prioritize recent engagement by segmenting subscribers based on email opens within the last 30, 60, 120, or 180 days.
→ VIP Segment: Identify high-value customers based on factors like purchase frequency or average order value.
→ Holiday Shoppers: Target customers who typically make purchases during specific holidays or events.

Segmentation is endless when you get creative. Think strategically about your various customer avatars and ideate new segments to continue refining your hyper-personalization of marketing messages.

2) Craft Targeted Messages

Use one or more segmentation principles to tailor your messages to specific audience segments. By personalizing your content, you enhance relevance and ultimately maximize revenue per recipient.

Implementing these segmentation strategies ensures that your emails reach the right audience, increasing engagement and driving conversions effectively.

Looking For Klaviyo Expert to Boost Your Email Campaign Success?

Yes, Forge Digital Marketing is your ultimate partner offering you full-service email marketing services with Klaviyo integrations. Trust us to optimize your campaigns, engage your audience, and drive tangible results. 

Moreover, after establishing the integration between Klaviyo and Shopify and configuring your email campaigns and flows, you can anticipate generating a minimum of 20% of your monthly eCommerce revenue through Klaviyo email marketing within the initial month. If you haven’t reached this benchmark yet or aspire to achieve the 30-50% range, approach professional email marketing services with us today. We will help you achieve multifold email success in your email campaigns.

FAQs Related to Klaviyo Email Marketing

1) What is Klaviyo and how does it work for email marketing?

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with their customers through targeted email campaigns. It utilizes customer data to create personalized email marketing strategies, allowing businesses to send relevant messages to their audience at the right time.

2) What are the key features of Klaviyo for email marketing?

Klaviyo offers a range of features tailored to optimize email marketing campaigns, including advanced segmentation capabilities, customizable email templates, automated workflows, A/B testing, analytics and reporting, integrations with e-commerce platforms, and tools for measuring ROI.

3) How does Klaviyo help businesses improve their email marketing ROI?

Klaviyo enables businesses to enhance their email marketing ROI through personalized messaging, targeted campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences, automated workflows that streamline the customer journey, and detailed analytics to measure campaign performance and optimize strategies accordingly.

4) Is Klaviyo suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Klaviyo caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its flexible pricing plans and scalable features make it accessible and adaptable to the needs of businesses at different stages of growth.

5) Does Klaviyo comply with email marketing regulations and data privacy laws?

Yes, Klaviyo is committed to ensuring compliance with email marketing regulations such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR. It provides features and tools to help businesses adhere to best practices for data privacy and consent management, including opt-in forms, subscription management, and data segmentation based on user preferences.