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Why does my site need SEO?

Our in-house SEO experts stay on top of the latest changes of the search engine optimization industry, including every search algorithm update Google releases, so you don’t have to.We’ll make sure you’re getting not only more site visitors, but also visitors who convert to customers that back your bottom line. No matter if your website currently has trouble in Google’s search rankings or your site’s fresh and needs optimization, we’ll make sure to get your site to where you want it to be.


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We’re all for transparency and effectiveness. Because of that, we want you to be involved in the whole process as much as possible, being 100% aware of what’s going on with your site. We also know that different customers have different needs, goals, and backgrounds. 

With that in mind, we form a range of necessary search marketing activities to match your business’ objectives only.: such as link building services, seo copywriting services. Steps not always completed in this order:


We start by diving deep into your company, website, industry, and competitive landscape. By doing so, we can make some rough estimates on how much time and work it requires for your site to conquer the desired Google top. 

Comprehensive Keyword Research & Content Optimization:

After getting an idea of where you stand with your website and rankings, we’ll carry out keyword research to find top sales-driving search terms for your business. This activity includes revealing keywords that your competitors rank for, digging for new keyword opportunities, as well as a lot of filtering and analysis. In the end, we’ll come up with the most powerful list of keywords to further optimize your website for. 

Smart Audit:

We’ll run a 360° audit to identify your website’s weak spots (crawlability, indexing, redirects, coding errors, etc.) and fix them before they grow into an SEO problem.

Quality Link Building:

Fact is, reaching Google’s 1st position is impossible without building quality links. That is why at FORGE we take link building very seriously. Unlike many cheap, black-hat SEO agencies that simply buy you tons of low-quality links (that disappear in a month or get you under a Google penalty), we only acquire links from authoritative and trustworthy publishers. (Please note Link Building is not included in our Standard SEO Plan)


 46% of all Google searches are local, and the number of “near me” search queries has doubled over the past year. Therefore, local SEO is a great opportunity for smaller companies that want exposure specifically in their geographic area. We’ll run a local search audit, which includes setting up and optimizing a Google My Business page, working on local on-page SEO factors, as well as local link building and citations. 

Content Planning & Strategy:

We work out content recommendations that are 100% custom and fit your business goals perfectly. They’ll include high-level messaging, a value proposition, and a social media integration. To maximize the positive impact on SEO, we’ll also develop publishing workflows for you to stick to. 

Analyze Results

Delivering Results: We strive for results and transparency. That is why every month you’ll get a full set of detailed and easy-to-understand reports to see what has improved and how the whole process is going. We will identify areas of CRO and opportunity each month to consistently improve your approach.
Why choose Forge?

We tailor our SEO strategy to each of your unique business needs and keep you in the loop from day 1 through detailed, transparent reporting and frequent check-in calls.We continually dig for new keywords to find out how people are finding your business and help you create content using the keywords needed to reach your specific industry audience.




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Are you struggling to gain visibility online? Do you want more organic traffic but don’t know where to start? Let us help you unlock the secrets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with our FREE automatic SEO audit.

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