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About Us
We’re passionate about forging your story.


Why Forge?

We help health, nutrition, and alternative medicine brands scale online. Using our specialized process, we craft digital marketing strategies that grow sales, allowing clients to focus on their business while we implement the right systems for success.

We are obsessed with forging growth.

We evaluate every client according to their unique business needs. Next, we identify where your audience lives in the digital world. Finally, we innovate and execute a creative digital strategy to maximize your reach, traffic and boost your online revenue through the roof!

Our unique approach of combining data mining and analytics with an in-step creative strategy has a proven track record in building brands.

Our fully modern remote team is the reason we’re able to accommodate full-suite agency services at boutique agency pricing. We keep our overhead low and pass on those savings to you, our client.

Google Analytics Certified | HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified | Facebook BluePrint Certified | Shopify Partner
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What to 
expect as 
our partner
When you become a client with Forge, you can expect to feel like you just added a whole new team to your company. 🎉 
We are here to partner with you in a way that makes you feel heard, helps you meet company goals and exceed your expectations.

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How we'll 
We have solutions for both e-commerce stores, local service providers and brick and mortar shops:
  • Website Design & Development 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Influencer & Social Marketing 
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Creative Services: Graphic Design, 
  • Photography, Videography & Animation 
  • Programmatic & Retargeting Advertising
  • Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads


Data & Design

At Forge, we are specialized in both creative and digital marketing. We produce plans that include our team from inception to launch. We use demographic data to strategize, build aesthetically beautiful sites and campaigns and then apply data learning to identify areas of opportunity for growth. Our people are passionate about growth and have the years of experience with various backgrounds & brands that back up our claim to be the best marketing partner for your growing business.

Teamwork makes the dream work

About Erin Siemek Erin Siemek is an investor, founder and advisor to companies. She is the CEO of digital marketing agency Forge Digital Marketing, and has worked with companies such as PayPal, Optimum Nutrition, and Weathertech. In her formative years, she found herself being passionate about web design, nutrition and Search Engine Optimization. She ultimately found how to convert her focus and success in digital creative into a very successful career in marketing.
Erin Schnittker Siemek
Founder, CEO
Layze Santos
Senior Graphic Designer
Gunjan Goswami
SEO Copywriter
Mary Lynn Schnittker
Luke Mayer
Milan Saha
Senior SEO Specialist
Holly Morgan
Client Success Manager
Rakel Abreu
Senior Graphic Designer
Dre Tenada
Social Media Director & Creative Service Lead
Kingsley Ukpai
SEO Copywriter
Isabel Feldhaus
Product Photographer
Thais Liguori
Email Marketing Strategist
Carlos Longarela
Senior Developer
AKM Borhanich
Google Ads Specialist
Aditya Verma
Senior SEO Specialist
Luish Mahida
Senior SEO Specialist
Luiza Feijo
Digital Marketing Specialist
Rosette Basilio
Account Manager
Ricky Shah
VP Search Marketing
Suzanne Ctvrtlik
UX/UI Designer
Dhruv Shah
SEO Director

A Letter from our Founder

At Forge Digital Marketing, we envision a future where our expertise becomes an integral bridge between technology and authenticity. As specialists in servicing direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses within the health/nutrition, hemp, food & and beverage, and fashion and beauty sectors, our goal is to constantly evolve with cutting-edge strategies while maintaining our core values of bespoke solutions, quality work, and human-centered customer service. 

Our journey over the next five years is to grow to an expanded but tight-knit team of passionate individuals. By building our team based on our unique culture and an endless drive for learning, we will offer more tailored creative and strategic support to our growing client base. As a globally distributed team, we celebrate our international diversity, a quality that sets us apart and enriches our perspectives. 

Our commitment to authenticity extends not only to our marketing efforts but also to the relationships we build with our clients. By fostering lifelong partnerships, we will continue to create success stories like those that already grace our portfolio. Our clients’ dreams become our missions, which we approach with innovative methodologies, such as AI, and specialized omnichannel strategies tailored to each business’ unique need. 

Our growth plan includes a focus on client retention through enhanced reporting and SOPs. Investing in leadership, we will foster new roles within our team, nurturing talents and creating life-long friendships. We are equally committed to our staff’s well-being, prioritizing transparency, empathy, and regular check-ins to ensure their needs are met. 

Geographically remote yet closely connected, Forge Digital Marketing looks forward to opportunities and challenges that arise with scaling, servicing D2C and Service businesses, and economic fluctuations. We embrace our global nature, championing the unique value it brings to our clients and our own culture. 

Together, we are Forge Digital Marketing, and we are forging a future where innovation meets humanity, where our clients’ successes resonate with our own, and where the next years will be a period of transformation, growth, and unbreakable bonds.
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