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Email Marketing

Provide value, stay top of mind, close more customers.

Long live the inbox

Email marketing is the single biggest return on investment marketing tactic still today in 2021. Wowza! You were expecting me to say something like Facebook or Instagram ads, right? 


It’s true. A solid email marketing campaign benefits both B2B and B2C companies through smart automation, valuable content and clear calls to action. 

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Why invest in email?

Having access to someone’s inbox is a super intimate thing. If they are enticed by your subject line, you have the potential to have their whole attention for just a few seconds (statistically speaking, of course).

This amount of attention is scarce because we are constantly inundated with advertising messages hundreds of times per day. So when you get that open, make sure what’s inside counts. 

Here at Forge we have a knack for crafting catchy subjects, clickable content and driving purchases for your company online.

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