How to Market Cannabis Companies in 2022: Your Essential Guide

Marijuana is a four-leaf clover. One dozen states have legalized marijuana. More than 320,000 Americans are employed in the marijuana business. Cannabis companies can expect to turn a profit. But they can also expect fierce competition, especially as marijuana becomes legalized in other states. If you want your cannabis company to succeed, you have to know about cannabis marketing. What kinds of marketing can you perform on the internet? How can you use text and visuals to promote your company? Can you run a local marketing campaign? Answer these questions and you can become a lucky marijuana entrepreneur in no time. Here is your quick guide.

SEO for Cannabis Companies

SEO for Cannabis Companies is a trending way to obtain new viewers, traffic and revenue for THC based consumer goods products. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a type of marketing that relies on search engine ranking algorithms. When someone types in keywords, the algorithm produces a list of websites based on several factors. The keywords themselves, quality of content, and visuals are three critical factors in SEO. You should create a website that contains many keywords that people use. Put them into sentences so the words seem natural. For every 500 words you write, try to include at least two keywords.

Write content that people want to read. You can write blog posts informing people about the latest cannabis products. Listicles and tutorials tend to rank highly as they help internet users perform tasks at home. You should put a photo at the top of every post you write. But the photo needs to be high-quality, clear, and relevant to your content. You can also use infographics and animations to illustrate a point in your post.

You may have heard of paid SEO. You can pay money in order to run ads or get advantages in the algorithm system. But this is tricky for marijuana companies because many websites have restrictions on drug-related content. SEO can be hard to wrap your head around. Read an SEO guide for complete beginners before you start to market yourself using SEO techniques.

Instagram and Visual Marketing

Visual types of marketing work well with marijuana marketing. You can show off the cannabis you sell and use visuals to illustrate how a person should consume your products. Instagram is the leading visual marketing platform on the internet. 40% of Americans use the platform, including 71% of young adults. You can connect easily with people interested in cannabis consumption.

The key is to produce great visuals. You should not repost stock photos or images that are not reflective of your business. You can hire a professional photographer, or you can take photos yourself. Try taking a range of images. Showing off your products is important. But you should take photos of your employees and locations. You can establish yourself as an industry leader by sharing information about the industry. This includes sharing the posts of other marijuana companies.

Follow other companies’ accounts and share their work when they do not impede your sales operations. Instagram is visual-heavy, but it is not only about visuals. You need to write descriptions and titles that convey information about your products. You can also use hashtags to organize your posts and attract users to your page.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is similar to visual marketing. The advantage is that you can narrativize better inside of videos. You can explain complicated concepts and build your brand on a more nuanced level. Video marketing is best done on YouTube. You can use a website like Vimeo and you can post your videos onto your own website. But YouTube has the most users of any video platform, so you can cast your net wide.

As with Instagram marketing, you can create many kinds of videos. You can make ads advertising your products. You can also release video guides about complicated concepts. Many people go on YouTube for entertainment, not to watch ads. You should try to make your videos as entertaining as possible, using humor when it is appropriate. The YouTube search algorithm functions similarly to the Google algorithm. You should put keywords that people use in your titles and descriptions. Make sure to attach a link to your website at the end of your videos and in your description.

Local Marketing

Modern marketing is not just digital marketing. You can draw people to your business through word-of-mouth and local efforts as well. You may be able to put up posters in buildings near your business. Get the permission of the owners to do this. You can use similar visuals in your posters that you use on Instagram, but have some text that describes what you do. See if you can sponsor an event or rally nearby. Put your company name on some free products and hand them out to attendees. Items like pens are cheap to produce and distribute, and customers will be reminded of your company when they use them.

Local marketing can be tricky because of the stigma against using and selling cannabis. Be careful with who you market to. You can target your marketing to young adults by marketing near places like bars. You can avoid local opposition by running a local SEO campaign. You can target keywords that include “near me” and your geographic location. When people in the location look for you, your company will come up and you can cater to them.

The Best Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Companies

Cannabis companies can reach out to people in many ways. SEO strategies rely on search engine algorithms to drive sales. Visual marketing can catch someone’s eye. Video marketing lets you create detailed guides and advertisements. Make sure you include calls to action with website links. Local marketing campaigns can be successful, especially if you hand out free products. Try to run a local SEO campaign so you can target potential customers instead of the general public.

You don’t have to corner the market by yourself. Forge Digital Marketing helps marijuana companies in the Naperville area. Contact us today.

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