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Why your business needs email marketing

Why is email marketing one of the very best digital marketing tactics in which your business (no matter how large or small) should invest?

Let’s dive into 5 reasons why your business needs email marketing:

1. People like it (contrary to popular belief)

Consumers simply favor email as a form of communication.
Email does not need to be physically touched, torn apart or sorted through. No one delivers it and you do not need to mobilize to your mailbox to retrieve it. And if you don’t want to act upon an email, you can just delete it. Yes, unsubscribes are part of email marketing and your list will naturally decay, but there are plenty of reasons why people enjoy emails from the companies they love.
It is super convenient and can be personalized based on consumer interests and subscriber preferences. Let’s be honest: we all love personalized things.
Email is also instantaneous. Consumers can learn of last minute deals or promotions as soon as they need.
Even today, it is considered a medium reserved for professional communication. For the most part, only kids as young as teenagers have access to email, so it is more of a grown-up thing. People like to be part of a more exclusive club. One study has found that over 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional communication through email.

2. It’s low-cost

Email marketing is relatively cheap.
No stamps or pieces of cardboard/paper needed!
Many companies do not have the time or resources to implement marketing tactics that may not resonate well with their target market. The relative inexpensiveness of email marketing affords teams more than one chance to get it right. Additionally, email marketing requires no major monetary investment in new apps other forms of digital marketing to promote your brand. If you’re starting from scratch with no preexisting email list, platforms for email marketing like MailChimp are free! For more info on their pricing structures, check them out here.
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The cost-effectiveness of email marketing is especially terrific for small businesses working with smaller budgets. Get more bang for your buck! Even contracting with an email marketing agency is relatively inexpensive and gets you very far ahead in the game.

3. It has a high ROI (return on investment)

Consumers who receive marketing emails tend to spend more on your website or in your store.
They just feel more in the loop and want to spend money on places that keep them informed. So, revenue increases while marketing expenditures are kept low.
Email marketing also drives more traffic to your website.
Email subscribers are more likely to be qualified leads, increasing chances of conversion. Marketing emails can move leads through the marketing funnel quickly and effectively, improving sales conversions.
Email marketing gives brands the organic reach they are seeking. It increases visibility and builds relationships with target customers. Achieve sustainable growth and brand awareness overtime with email marketing.

4. It brings you to more mobile customers 

Studies show that reading and sending emails are among the most popular smartphone activities for users.
Email access is also an important resource for other mobile devices such as tablets.
Don’t forget to optimize your email marketing content for mobile devices!

5. Set your sales growth on autopilot

A good email marketing strategy will involve a lot of testing and automation.  
Automated emails make it easy to start conversations and keep them going, whether you have a handful of fans or millions of them.
Our preferred email marketing platform, Mailchimp, makes automation easy for businesses of all kinds.
I can’t stress enough how much this affects you if you have an e-commerce store (or sell physical products but do not yet have an e-commerce store).
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