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5 signs it’s time for a website redesign

It’s really easy to get comfortable with your website. You may have invested a lot in your initial site design or development or you might just think that having something up is all you need for your digital presence. The truth is, customers that visit your site regularly for updated information on sales, events, etc. expect to see a consistent effort in updating your website. We all have the attention span of goldfish these days, and if our attention is not captured, we won’t stick around. A great way to determine if people are getting bored is to check your Google Analytics and monitor your bounce rate on your pages (email or chat us if you would like help looking up these stats). Anyway, here are 5 signs it might be time for a website redesign!

1. You’re not generating leads or customers

This is your biggest sign that it’s time for a website redesign. We implore you to not just look at your website as a static, unchanging flyer for your business. NO! Your website is your BIGGEST marketing tool and should be leveraged to funnel new clients and customers into your business and ultimately generate revenue for you.

2. You’re not mobile optimized

It’s almost 2018 and if your site is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, well, it’s bad. You could be missing out on 60% or more of your potential website visitors. No one wants to pinch to expand and scroll around all your tiny text! Time for a website redesign | Mobile Optimized Website | Forge Digital Marketing

3. You’re not ranking in Google

If you don’t rank locally for your own website name, you probably don’t have a Search Engine Optimized website. SEO is a technique that digital marketers use to help websites rank higher up in Google Search results. With more people being able to find your website, you will have more traffic and that means more leads! SEO is a consistent, ongoing service we offer to help our customers get found by people searching for businesses just like yours!

4. Your site is slow

Another sign that your site is not optimized is the speed at which it loads. If your site loads slowly, people will leave within 3 seconds! Yes, just 3 seconds of wait time is enough to discourage people from using your website. ? Think of all the lost leads! Want to see just how slow your site is? Give it a test at

5. Your content is stale

So many small business owners are too busy actually running their business to take time to generate exciting new content for online viewers. The best way to connect with your customers is through video marketing. People would much rather watch a video on your website or social media pages than read a ton of text about your offerings. Another great way to boost SEO and grab attention is through a consistently updated blog! See, you read till the end of this post! Is your website guilty of these 5 sins? Then it’s definitely time for a redesign. Contact us today for a free discovery session where we discuss the gameplan of your website redesign!