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4 tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Yes, it isn’t even Halloween. Yes, it isn’t even Thanksgiving, but if you’re not already planning your Black Friday marketing and Cyber Monday marketing strategy, GET ON IT! We’re here to help.

Here are 4 ways to gain exposure for your deals and win big this BF!


Gift Guides

Not only do gift guides give your loyal customers a comprehensive list of your best products/services of the season, they are a gold mine for SEO (search engine optimization). By listing whatever you are trying to push for the season, you give search engines more juice on what you have to serve up to potential customers searching for products and services just like yours.

Skip the lines & order online

People are getting tired of the Black Friday 5 a.m. grind. That’s so 2014. Offer your Black Friday deals on your website and open them at an announced time. If you aren’t yet accepting online payments, there are plenty of options to fit your unique business needs. From booking services to e-commerce shopping and shipping of physical products, it’s time to invest in your payment processing online (for the convenience of your customers)!

Offer a Black Friday coupon via email

It’s a great idea to run an email campaign leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to drum up interest in your e-commerce sales. Consider running a drip campaign including the following:

  1. Announce you will be running BF/CM sales ONLINE
  2. Send your Gift Guide, include dates and times for sales
  3. Include an element of “Scarcity” – another psychological tactic for online sales that uses limited time offerings or limited stock to urge purchase decisions
  4. Finally, offer a coupon code, a free item with purchase or deals on gift cards to add extra value right before you open your sales!
Free Shipping

Everybody loves free shipping. There’s a psychological phenomenon that occurs in our buying brains when we know that we are getting something for free. Shipping has a perceived value as a part of online purchases and by opting to cover that for your customers, you are likely to not only convert more purchases but more multiple item orders!

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