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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

By the year 2025, about 73% of all internet users will do so from their phones. Did you know that you can create a mobile-friendly version of your existing website?

Nothing is more frustrating than being limited to a personal computer to access a website. Customers will appreciate having access to your company’s offerings from anywhere in the world.

Read our article to learn about the top 5 reasons your business needs a mobile-friendly website, today!

1. Integrate Social Media With Ease

Social media is the gateway to your brand. Not only does social media generate brand awareness, but it is also an engaging portal to your website.

A mobile-friendly website generates an effortless flow into all that your company has to offer. The ease of use will incentivize customers to visit your website from their mobile device as often as they’d like.

2. Optimize Your Website With SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an essential step in attracting new clientele (outside of social media).

Every website, mobile or standard, should be built on top of a foundation of SEO. Integrating keywords into your headers, content, and social media accounts is a great way to rank higher on search engines like Google!

Mobile-friendly websites with integrated SEO are essential for your success in the rankings as well. 

Did you know that Google indexes your website’s mobile version first? Now is the perfect time to consider making your pocket-sized website a top priority.

3. Provide Accessibility to Your Audience

Mobile devices are responsible for a large portion of daily internet traffic. Therefore, smartphones like the iPhone come equipped with more accessibility features.

Creating a mobile-friendly website can provide accessibility to those who rely on their mobile devices for their ability to consume digital content.

Mobile devices are also equipped with data plans. This means that people will be able to enjoy your content in places without wifi. 

These perks result from a growing digital age as we enter into a new era of globalization. Make sure your website isn’t left in the dust as the mobile revolution comes into more power.

4. Achieve a Custom Aesthetic

This is for all of the graphic designers on your team! Feed their creativity by assigning them the task of a tailor-made website design fit for a small screen.

Website hosts are even creating their own custom plugins for mobile-friendly websites. Enjoy browsing through your design options or create your own mobile-friendly website from scratch using HTML!

This is your opportunity to add depth to your brand’s aesthetic as well. Who said a business website design couldn’t have depth? 

Marketing businesses online is much easier if your target audience enjoys the aesthetic of your brand’s image. Creating a different version of your website is one way to expand the breadth of your brand’s style.

5. Enjoy New Tech and E-Commerce Features

Purchasing with mobile devices has become a whole lot easier as e-commerce tools like credit card remembrance and apple pay become integrated into everyone’s smartphone.

Create a mobile marketing strategy that is backed by fast website loading time to increase profits and organic flows of mobile traffic.

Ready to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Now that you are aware of why you should create a mobile-friendly website, it’s time to pick your design!

We offer website design services, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have as you brainstorm your mobile-friendly website design!