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Did you know that 76% of people who search for a local business on their phones visit within one day?

Almost one-third of online searches are related to the user’s location. Just under half order online then pick-up from the offline store.

If your site isn’t optimized for local search then you’re missing out on sales.

This article asks what is local SEO and how can you improve your company’s search engine placement.

Read on to discover what is Google local SEO and how to claim your listing. Learn how to get started with local SEO. And see why hiring the right local SEO team can increase your online and offline sales.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a process that helps your website reach the first page on Google which in turn boosts your visitor count.

Local SEO relates to improving ‘nearby’ searches. For example:

  • Plumbers near me
  • Beautician in Naperville
  • Buy CBD oil in Illinois

If your current website isn’t geared for local SEO near me keywords then you’re missing out. But how can you improve for these types of searches?

What Is Google Local SEO?

Google My Business is a free service that lets you promote your company directly within Google Search.

The listing appears on the right of the screen for desktop users and at the very top for mobile devices. You can add:

  • Contact and address details
  • Directions within an interactive map
  • Photos and opening hours

Google provides you with full analytics so you can track how many people phoned you or asked for driving directions. Combined with optimizing your website, you’ll see a marked increase in inbound traffic with the right content.

How to Get Started With Local SEO

To claim your listing, all you need is a Google account and the time and computer know-how to fill in the details. Companies that need assistance can call on us for help.

Our startup marketing package is an excellent service designed to promote your business to a local audience. It also includes PR, video production, social media, and link building.

Local SEO Help for Your Website

Google My Business is a great tool but what about your website? How can you improve your search engine results for local queries?

Ensure your address and contact details are easy to find and not hidden behind a broken link. Google actively checks for your location and will promote it if it’s easy to find.

Inbound links from other local companies in your area will also improve your position.

Our team can help with your inbound link strategy along with technical issues that can impact your site. Social media plays an important part in local SEO too and we can manage your online profiles to enhance their performance.

Forging Your Local SEO Strategy

Now you know the answers to what is local SEO and how you can do better it’s time to call the experts.

Forge Digital Marketing offers search engine optimization services including local SEO help.

Whether you sell beauty products, supplements, CBD oils, or you’re a plumber, Forge can attract more local visitors. We can set up and optimize your Google My Business account and improve your website. And we also specialize in local link-building strategies along with online and offline marketing.

Contact us today to see how we can drive more traffic to your site and store.



Are you looking for ways to kickstart the traffic for your eCommerce site? Do you wish there were a way to refine your online marketing approach? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about eCommerce SEO.

Getting more traffic to your website isn’t the goal. It’s getting the right traffic, your target market, to your site to create higher sales conversions and start to build customer loyalty with your brand.

See below for an in-depth guide on how eCommerce SEO can give you more traffic. Use this as a foundation for your new digital marketing strategy.

What Is SEO?

Are you tired of seeing site visitors back out of your site without giving it even a 5 seconds chance? Do you wonder if there’s a way to improve the leads that are coming your way in the first place? 

Search engine optimization (SEO, for short) is your answer. In the simplest definition, SEO is the method of establishing content on your website to make it more attractive to search engine algorithms, such as Google’s algorithm.

The algorithm is changing every single day, but there are a few key factors of your site that remain constant, such as its:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Site navigation
  • Layout
  • Content

The list goes on and on. Using these factors (and many more), you’re able to attract your target market.

For example, using your buyer personas, you can determine some of the biggest pain points that your target audience has. Using those pain points, you can find keywords that match what they might search for, then use that as a primary keyword in your content.

Google has crawlers that crawl your website frequently to make sure it’s up to snuff. A professional digital marketing company can ensure that your site exceeds its expectations and draws the right people to your eCommerce store.

Ways to Improve Your eCommerce SEO

Perhaps one of your eCommerce site’s biggest struggles is beating the big companies to your target market. Perhaps you feel as if you aren’t casting a wide enough net. 

Don’t panic! These are issues that every eCommerce site faces at one point or another. Thankfully, there are tactics you can use to improve them. Here are a few of the major ways.

1. Refine Your Keyword Research

Take the current way that you research the keywords you embed in your content, then throw it out the window! Odds are, it’s no use to you anyways.

Not many eCommerce sites know the correct way to find the keywords they should be using in their blog posts, videos, product pages, etc. 

To optimize your website and make it sexy to search engines everywhere, you have to find the perfect keywords. 

Too many people make the mistake of using their preferred keyword research tool, finding the keyword with the highest search volume possible, then making that the primary in their content. 

You’ll never reach your target market that way. Keywords with that high of search volume are already being used by the big boys in your industry/niche. Once they’re at the top, they aren’t budging.

Instead, look for a balance between search volume and keyword density. For example, if you use AHrefs, then look for a search volume over 100 and a keyword density at or below 30.

That way, you’re using keywords that enough people are searching for, but don’t have a lot of people ranking for them just yet.

2. Focus on Your Product Pages 

Most eCommerce site owners view their product pages as the means to an end. They believe that these pages are only used to give the client information before they click “add to cart”. Think again!

Product pages are a phenomenal opportunity to capitalize on keywords. Research a couple that your target niche is looking for, then place them in the product description on your product pages.

While we’re on the subject, be sure to simplify your content. Put your product description in bullet points. Make them easy to read. Fire off all of the facts that your customer would want to know before they get to the point of purchase.

3. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Here’s an eye-opening factoid for you: over half of internet users browse the internet using mobile phones. Not their desktops. Not their tablets. Not their laptops. Their phones.

That’s why it’s never been more important to make your eCommerce site mobile-friendly. If it isn’t, then it will scare off all your customers, no matter what niche you’re going after.

Here’s a successful habit to start when you create/edit your site moving forward: think of how it will appear on a mobile phone first. Make sure the content is chopped up helpfully so that it doesn’t look intimidating to phone users.

Not sure how to go about doing that? A digital marketing agency can help. At Forge, we can help you with your website design and development, creating content, and refining your digital marketing strategy moving forward. You no longer have to swing at curveballs!

Invest Time and Energy into Your eCommerce SEO

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on eCommerce SEO and why it’s so important for your online business, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how you can use social media to improve your conversion rates.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.