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Are you looking for ways to separate your brand from an award-worthy website? Do you want to learn more about the different ways you can build your online presence? If so, then you need to learn everything that you can about the latest web design trends for 2022.

Nothing turns a client off faster than an outdated site. Learning about the newest innovations can help your brand appear relevant and more attractive. People will start to view you as the industry leader in your field.

See below for an in-depth guide listing several website design trends that you should consider for your company’s digital marketing strategy.

1. Industry-Based Designs

You might be surprised to learn that the design of a website is highly influenced by the industry that the brand is in. So much so, that customers in 2022 have come to expect your website to be designed similarly to that of your competitors.

This can help niche markets to thrive with their digital marketing. Customers know where to quickly retrieve the information that they need.

For example, if you’ve been to the website of one brewery, you’ve been to them all. Breweries these days are creating simplified site layouts that tell a customer all they need to know as quickly as possible.

The layout includes a menu, tap list, and in-depth location page. The design sports the brewery’s primary colorway, logo, and a briefing on the inspiration behind the beer they create.

Using all of that information, beer drinkers can quickly build interest in their products and reach out to learn more.

To get access to this for your brand, start by finding an industry-specific digital marketing agency to guide you. Here at Forge Digital Marketing, we have experience with things like CBD marketing, eCommerce marketing, supplement marketing, beauty marketing, and more.

2. Website Scavenger Hunts

Just when you thought websites couldn’t get any more interactive, some marketing genius out there decided enough was enough. They were tired of the high bounce rates and set out to encourage more active site users through a site-wide scavenger hunt.

At a time when the customer attention span is smaller than ever (currently around 8.25 seconds for the average person), marketing agencies are finding creative ways to keep the clients entertained.

Let’s go back in time a bit. Imagine if you were a child and one of your friend’s moms put together an elaborate scavenger hunt for everyone to go on. In the end, those that completed the hunt would get a big chocolate bar.

What would your perception be of your friend’s mom? Would she not be the coolest mom of any friend that you have? That’s exactly what a website scavenger hunt can do for your brand: it will make you the go-to brand in the customer’s mind.

But how can you put this into action? That’s up to you! You could offer free samples to anyone that finds the secret password on your site and enters it into the correct field with their email and phone number. That way, you’re simultaneously building intrigue in your brand and growing your email list.

3. Color Psychology

The colors that your brand uses mean more now than ever. As we just mentioned, customers’ attention spans are shrinking. As a result, you need your website to tell them as much about your brand in as little time as possible. 

One of the best ways to do that is through color psychology. Every color has its own unique emotions and feelings that it portrays in your brain. Using the right colors, you can tell them what your company is all about without having to say a word.

For example, the color orange exudes emotions of friendliness and warmth, making it the perfect color for nonprofits, marketing agencies, and service-based businesses.

However, you shouldn’t be flooding your pages with too many colors, either. That can overwhelm a customer. Keep it between 2 or 3 choice colors that work well together. Remember, shading is your friend, people.

4. One-Page Websites

Imagine coming across a website from a brand you’ve never heard of and have all of the information you need on that very page. You can learn all about their products, services, and staff by simply scrolling down. How convenient would that be?

As it turns out, it’s very convenient. This is why so many brands are using it as the primary concept for their web design.

Simply give them all of the information they need with a strategically-placed call to action. You’ll be amazed at how effective this can be!

5. Hand-Drawn Copy

Digital marketing can be hard to personalize. The biggest struggle that all companies have is getting their clients to see that there are humans on the other side of that logo. As soon as a client comes to this realization, they aren’t easily deterred from that brand.

Hand-drawn content on your site can be a great way to personalize your site. For example, you could leave a personalized note on your “About Us” page and then place your hand-drawn signature at the end.

This immediately shows more sincerity in the message you’ve written. Better yet, hand-drawn copy can be used in other areas of your site, such as page tabs, company logos, and more.

Use These Web Design Trends to Your Advantage in 2022

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the hottest web design trends 2022, be sure to implement a few of these in your site layout today.

Take the time to read this article for more information on what a done-for-you marketing agency is and why they’re the solution you’ve been looking for. To get started, please reach out to us and we’ll help you map out your new website.