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Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform, with about 2.91 billion monthly active users as of October 2021. However, Facebook is more than just a platform for posting pictures and talking to friends. It’s also a hotbed of business activity and an excellent platform to market your goods and services, thanks to Facebook advertising. Lead generation is imperative to any business’s growth and success. In today’s world, digital ad generation techniques easily trounce over conventional lead generation strategies. Facebook lead generation campaigns, for instance, allow businesses to find potential customers and collect information on them. Facebook leads are among the most valuable leads in any business niche. That’s because Facebook helps find people who are actually interested in your products using algorithms and data analytics. If you’re new to Facebook Lead Ads, creating a Facebook lead generation campaign might seem a bit daunting. Today, we’ll be showing you how to create a lead generation campaign on Facebook.

Start With a Rough Draft

The first step in creating your lead generation campaign is drafting it out. To make your draft, first head over to your Facebook ads manager page and click on “create.” Create a snappy name for your lead generation campaign and pick lead generation on the “campaign objective” dropdown list. The next few steps are a bit more serious. That’s because you’ll have to:

Create a Budget

The more you spend on your campaign, the better results you’re likely to see. However, it’s advisable to tread softly while familiarizing with Facebook Lead Ads. Consider setting a budget of about $5 to $10 every day, for starters.

Name Your Ad Set

The Ad set is where you define your target audience. When naming your set, pick a name that’s reflective of your target audience.  Also, select your business page to sync with your lead ad campaign. Lastly, top it off with an ad name and save the draft.

Choose When You Want Your Ads to Run

With your draft in place, the next step is to create a schedule for your ads.  To do so, click on your ad set name, and scroll down to the ad settings window. Find “Budget & Schedule” and choose a period over which you want your ads to run.

Define Your Target Audience

To define your target audience, you first have to pick a geographic area. You can pick a whole country, state, city, or even a specific location. Apart from location, you can choose to target your audience in terms of age, gender, and even language. With that out of the way, you can now define your target audience more intricately. You can choose aspects like demographics, interests, and behavior to narrow down your target audience. Before doing so, make sure you have a firm idea of what your target audience is. Remember, the more detailed you are, the more effective your lead generation campaign will be. Just be careful not to lock out any leads by “over-detailing” your target audience.

Check Your Placements and Delivery

After defining your target audience, you now have to check your placements, optimization, and delivery. If you’re completely new to Facebook Lead Ads, you might want to leave this part on their default setting. The default settings will do just fine for now. With default settings, lead ads will only be placed where they display. In terms of delivery and optimization, Facebook charges your campaign per impression using PPI. That means it charges you for every time it displays your ad.

Create Your Ad

The fifth step is where you have to roll up your sleeves and get to serious work.  On your Ad manager page, click on your ad name to start creating your ad. It’s also important to decide whether you want to connect your Instagram to your business manager account. If you don’t, your ads will show up on prospects’ Instagram as sponsored ads. This is still okay, especially when starting out. It’s highly recommended to hire a reputable Facebook ads agency for your ad setup. That’s because it’s a tad too complex for the average person. That said, for the ad, you can either choose to have a static image or a short video. There are tons of tools that can help you create your Facebook ad within minutes. You can pick an ad template and proceed from there. Next, you’ll have to pick the right graphics for your ads. You can download graphics online, hire a professional graphic designer or leave it to your ads agency. Remember, you want something that captures attention and resonates with your target audience.

Create an Appropriate Ad Copy

You need to follow up on your ad with an appropriate ad copy. Writing your ad copy entails filling in the headline, primary text, and ad copy. Make sure your headline is catchy and your call to action clear and convincing.

Design Your Lead Form

The lead form is the form your ad redirects users to. This lead form allows you to collect more information and follow up on your leads. To create your lead form, go to the “instant form” section and click “create lead form.” To create your lead form, you’ll have to: Write your intro: For the intro, you’ll need to create a headline and fill in an introductory paragraph. Make sure the introduction is brief but captures all the relevant information. Create your form questions: Add form questions that help you get information from your prospects. You can ask for users’ names, contact information, and so on. Create your thank you screen: A little gratitude is necessary for filing your form. Create a thank you screen to thank them for their time and effort in filling out your form.

Publish Your Lead Ad

At the bottom right of your screen, find and click the publish button to formalize your lead generation campaign. facebook ads agencyfor

Start Your Facebook Lead Generation Campaign Today

Now that you know how to set up your Facebook Lead Generation Campaign, the ball is in your court. It’s time to get started with your own campaign to gain valuable leads and grow your business. Take advantage of Facebook services to succeed in your business. Contact us today if you need a tailor-made lead generation campaign for your business.

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In 2021, SEO is extremely important. Are you aware that less than one percent of people click through to the second page of a search engine result? This means that if you wind up on the second page of search engine results, you’re as good as gone from the internet. But what few people know is that video marketing can be used to boost SEO. If you focused on customized video creation, you need to start learning the relationship between video and SEO so you can make the most of your campaign. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about video SEO, so you can make sure you wind up on that crucial first page.

The Power of the Thumbnail

It doesn’t take long searching through Google to see that when a page has a video on it, the search engine result shows up with a video in the thumbnail. A person rocketing through the world of Google will immediately have their eye pulled to this visual thumbnail. It might even inspire them to click on it. As you can see, video can help out SEO without the video even being optimized to add value. However, as with all things, adding value can only help. Let’s say your video isn’t even on your website. You’ve created a video explaining how you package a certain product, and you put it on YouTube. A client looking for your product will come across the video and click on it because they like the thumbnail. They’ll watch your video, and realize that you generate quality content, which means you truly care about your customers. If you’ve put the link to your website in your bio, they’ll scroll down and find it, click on it, and land on your website. If your website has even more video content, they’re more likely to stick around longer. The longer they stick around, the better your SEO will do. As you can, see everything in the world of online marketing is connected. This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re generating value every step of the way. There’s a rumor going around in the marketing world as well that search engines results with thumbnails in them are prioritized. It might not be true, by why not put yourself in the way of success? Once the clients land on your site, you have the opportunity to turn them into long-time customers. Make use of our conversion rate optimization service to truly shine.

Optimize Your Captions

Every space for text on your website is a space for SEO content. Keywords are the key to any SEO strategy. If you’ve done your research (and hired a good SEO company), you’ll know which keywords you need to focus on. However, you can’t simply load your website up with whatever keyword comes to mind. Google will recognize this as spamming and punish you for it. You can’t blame them — if they didn’t do this, the top website in search results would simply be websites filled with the same word over and over. Instead, you have to bake your keywords into high-quality content. The most popular option for this is online blogs. Blogs allow a high volume of constantly updated text-based content. However, ironically enough, video content allows space for text-based content well. In the caption section.  Putting out a steady stream of video content doesn’t just create value for your audience, it also gives you an opportunity to load up your site with as many SEO keywords as possible. If you have a stream of video content in addition to your blogs, you’re far more likely to blow your customers out of the water when it comes to SEO keywords.

You Can Gain Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important parts of an SEO strategy — if you can make them work. They’re links that come from other websites, which drive traffic to your site. If you can create awesome content that people are going to become engaged with, you’re more likely to gain mentioned on other people’s blogs, news articles, and social media posts. Some of the best marketing these days doesn’t come from marketing campaigns themselves. Video content will also enhance your profile, so you can make use of influencer marketing to a greater degree. Of course, influencers work mainly for pay. However, it will help distinguish you from competitors if you’re also known as a site that creates great content. At the end of the day, all of these types of marketing can work together. High-quality viral content can gain you more backlinks, and gain you the attention of influencers. Making use of these influencers can, in turn, cause more people to get interested in you, and can cause even more backlinks to develop. As stated earlier, in the world of digital marketing, everything is related. You only need a little push to get the ball rolling that could generate you tons of business.

Video and SEO Are Closely Related

In the world of the internet, all types of marketing can help each other out. Though SEO is a more indirect type of marketing, you can leverage your other sorts of advertising to improve it. The relationship between video and SEO is a lot closer than it seems at first. Make sure that you rely on a good video thumbnail, optimize your captions and links, and deliver on your content, and you’re sure to improve your SEO. For more information, contact us today.

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It’s 2022 and human beings officially have attention spans that are shorter than goldfish.


So what does that mean for promoting your business in the mobile-social revolution? VISUALS. The quicker you can communicate value to your potential target audience, the more chance you have to capture their attention and have a shot at converting them into a customer.

This leads us to today’s discussion: how to take better pics to promote your business online. The best part? You don’t even have to have a big fancy DSLR camera. So whip out your smartphone, let’s do it.



They teach you fancy stuff in film school like The Rule of Thirds, but all you need to know is this quick iPhone hack. Switch the grid on! Go to settings and find Photos & Camera. Here you will find the hidden settings that were dismissed back in iOS7. Tap the switch next to Grid to turn it on. It’s about half way down, under the Camera section. Use this to line up horizons and space out subjects.

how to take better pics to promote your business on social media2. GO INTO THE LIGHT.

A really nifty trick to shoot emotionally stimulating photos is to shoot silhouettes. Emotional recall is proven to create better brand awareness as users can more easily remember things that have moved them on some level. Silhouettes are a quick trick. Simply place your subject in front of a strong light source and shoot into the direction of the light source. Look at you, you romantic!
how to take better pics to promote your business on social media


Remember that grid from tip #1? Use it to center your subject directly in any of the center squares within the grid. Keep the background super simple for maximum subject focus. You can also create symmetry by placing two objects on opposing sides of the grid. Remember k.i.s.s., keep it simple and symmetrical!

How to take better photos for social media marketing | Forge Digital Marketing



Once you’ve created your composition within the grid to your liking or even chosen a silhouette, make sure to choose your focal point. On most smartphones, you just need to press on the subject to pull it into focus. If you have a closer subject with some desirable detail, pull the focus to their face or detail point and watch the background magically blur out, creating a memorable, ethereal pull focus! You’re a pro!

How to take better photos for social media marketing | Forge Digital Marketing

Photo tricks like these are simple and create the perfect grounds to build awareness and consideration for your brand, products, or services when promoting your business online. Try these photos out in some social media advertisements and don’t be afraid to drop us a message if you need help!

Happy snapping!


The buyer journey is something that any business owner must understand to stand out and be successful in the 2017 digital atmosphere. You must first put yourself in the buyer’s driver seat. Being a business owner, as many of you know, people are constantly trying to sell you shit. It’s ridiculous. Who wants to listen to an average sales pitch selling an average product? Most likely, it’s not even worth your time to listen to a guy talk about “why you need” his product. We can break down the journey of an informed/modern buyer in 5 Basic Steps:   Awareness, Engagement, Purchase, Loyalty and Advocacy. The key to success is to understand each step of the process and to figure out where the buyer is in their journey. Ask yourself the following questions: Has the buyer researched your company and your competition? Did this buyer find you or did you have to search for them? All important things to take into consideration. These things will tell you where your buyer is and how you need to approach him. So let’s break it down:   Step 1: AWARENESS A.k.a. GET FOUND. The beginning of the buyer journey starts by driving attention and awareness towards your company and products. This step is where creative branding, attractive and interesting social media posting, and Search Engine Optimization are key. Start by developing a strategy that will allow you to grasp the attention of your audience and drive them towards your products/services. Do this by showing them that your company has the ability and energy to impact their life or business in a positive way or answer/solve the question that they were searching for when they found you.   Step 2: ENGAGEMENT Once you get customers into the Engagement stage, you know that your awareness process is working. Now that the buyer is aware of your company and what you do, you have to keep them ENGAGED. You do this through means of providing interesting content which relates to them and their needs, a.k.a. giving them real value, free of charge. Blogs are a great way to do this (kinda like the one you are reading right now). With RIVALUS, we constantly provided daily content to boost awareness around our proteins and how our products differed and were better than our competition. Engagement doesn’t necessarily revolve around your products and services only, but also around information and new or trendy subjects that your audience will find engaging that are pertinent to the brand. For instance, at RIVALUS, we blogged not only about our supplements, but about valuable workouts. Were not selling workouts, but we want people to engage around the brand and spark conversations which in turn create engagement around your brand.   Step 3: THE SALE If steps 1 and 2 are successful, the sale becomes the easiest part of the process. Creating an easy avenue for the customer to make a purchase is key. Having a personable sales department and amazing customer service becomes essential so frustration levels stay low. Even the smallest glitch in your sales system can drive away a customer. In the end, there are other people who can sell them a similar product. To ensure the sale, be the company who has a flawless purchase plan, then, delight the shit out of them.   Step 4: DELIGHT: Turning a buyer into a Loyal Customer Marketing never ends. The sale is not the end goal. It’s the beginning. Now the goal is to create customers out of buyers. Keeping engagement at the forefront, we want to put information pertaining to other things which relate to original purchases. You will respond to messages, comments, and complaints in a quick and orderly fashion. This gives the feeling that you truly care about the customer and their experience.   Creating new, exciting, and intriguing products and content is the key to creating a brand induced community. This community will be loyal to your brand because you do more for those people then similar companies do. True communities will attract like people, growing your brand and bringing you more sales.   Step 5: ADVOCACY Creating advocated to spread the word about your business is not a one step process. You have to continuously engage with your audience and potential audience by providing actionable content that gives real value. This stuff takes time. A new follower likes a recent post? Go to their page and like 2 posts. Be a real life human representation of your brand. Give people incentives to be brand advocates and diplomats. Never stop creating new material for your loyal customers to read and enjoy. Engage them not only through your services and products, but give them information and news about exciting things that affect their personal lives. Each step of the buyer journey feeds off the prior: You can’t create brand advocates if you don’t have loyal customers.You can’t have loyal customers unless you have a flawless sales process. You can’t make a sale unless you have engaged with your potential customers. And customers don’t appear out of thin air. You have to give people a clear cut vision of what your product is and what it will do for them. We’ve only scratched the surface of the complexity of the buyer journey. We’ve only scratched the surface of the complexity of the buyer journey. What’s your key takeaway? What do you do with your business to set yourself apart during your buyer journey? Leave a comment below or tweet at us: @forgedigitalmkt