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Case Study: Achieving a #1 Ranking for with Expert SEO

When approached Forge Digital Marketing, they had a clear mission in mind: dominate the search rankings for their target keyword, "kanten noodles". With their quality products and our SEO expertise, we embarked on a 3-month journey that ended with them claiming the #1 spot on search engine results.

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The Challenge

In the competitive landscape of online food retail, gaining visibility is no easy task. The keyword "kanten noodles", although niche, had several well-established competitors vying for the top position.
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The Solution

At the heart of this success was our strategic approach, tailored specifically for Recognizing that every business is unique, we started by understanding the brand's values, target audience, and market positioning. This foundational knowledge allowed us to craft an SEO strategy that didn’t just chase rankings, but genuinely resonated with the potential customers searching for "kanten noodles". We aimed to position not only as a provider but as an authority in the space. Our strategy was rooted in:

Audience Understanding: Profiling users who were likely to search for "kanten noodles", understanding their needs, and tailoring content to answer their queries comprehensively.

Competitive Analysis: We dissected the strategies of top-ranking competitors to identify gaps and opportunities that could leverage.

Future-Proofing: SEO is a constantly evolving field. Our strategy was designed not only for short-term gains but to ensure sustained dominance over the keyword by staying ahead of SEO trends and algorithm changes.

This strategic foundation ensured that every tactic we deployed was aligned with’s brand and the end goal of becoming the top-ranked site for "kanten noodles".
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The Execution

1. Keyword Research and Content Enhancement:
We delved deep into keyword research to uncover long-tail keywords and search phrases related to "kanten noodles". Subsequently, we enriched's existing content and introduced fresh, authoritative articles, ensuring they were both user and search engine friendly.

2. On-page Optimization:
A comprehensive website audit revealed opportunities for improvement. From meta tags to header tags and internal linking, we optimized every element to align with the keyword "kanten noodles".

3. Link Building:
Knowing the importance of quality backlinks, our team engaged in a targeted link-building campaign. We identified and collaborated with relevant, high-authority websites in the food and wellness niche, securing valuable backlinks.

4. User Experience and Technical SEO:
Recognizing that user experience plays a crucial role in rankings, we improved website speed, made navigation intuitive, and ensured mobile-responsiveness. Concurrently, we addressed any technical SEO issues, such as fixing crawl errors and implementing structured data.

5. Regular Monitoring and Iteration:
Utilizing advanced SEO tools, we consistently monitored keyword rankings, organic traffic, and user behavior. Insights gained were used to refine our strategies continually.
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The Results


Increase in Keyword Rankings


Increase in Traffic

Within the span of just three months, our tailored SEO strategy propelled to the coveted #1 position on search engine results for the keyword "kanten noodles". Beyond this impressive feat, the website also witnessed:

  • A significant boost in organic traffic.
  • Improved visibility for several related long-tail keywords.
  • An increase in engagement metrics, like reduced bounce rate and longer average session duration.

The Conclusion

Forge Digital Marketing's expert SEO approach, combined with's exceptional product offerings, resulted in a successful climb to the top of search results. It's a testament to the fact that with the right strategy and execution, even niche businesses can dominate their market online.

Ready to see similar results for your brand? Reach out to Forge Digital Marketing, and let's craft your success story.

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