How to Find Reputable SEO Services Near Me

If you’re thinking about googling “reputable SEO services near me,” you should also know what you should be looking for going into it.

Hiring a local SEO service is an awesome way to upgrade your business. But since digital marketing services can be performed by large companies and beginning freelancers, it’s important to know what’s reputable and what isn’t.

Here’s how to find local SEO services that’ll do the job right.

Understand What You’re Looking For

The term “SEO services” is very broad. Many agencies offer a whole host of services. Others pinpoint the ones they feel are crucial for small businesses and specialize in between one and three offerings.

That’s why the first step is to look inward. Finding a good client starts with you defining exactly what you’re looking for (and why).

For example, maybe you decide you’re really looking to increase organic traffic to your website. In that case, you may look into an SEO service near me option that specializes in local SEO or content creation.

If you’re looking for more technical work, you might look into a company that specializes in website design. 

Read Reviews

As the saying goes, word of mouth is everything. So be sure to read reviews online about the SEO service you’re considering working with before hiring. If you can’t find any, take that as a warning sign.

It’s a good idea to always take reviews with a grain of salt, though. The top reviews tend to skew negative, so be sure to read through them all to get a sense of who you might be hiring for the job.

Speak to Past Clients

When you punch in “local SEO service near me,” you should find a well-designed website with a portfolio and a history of clients.

Take twenty minutes to go through their portfolio. Then, send one or two emails to past clients (or call their office). Ask about their experience with the SEO service, what type of work they did for them, and if they would work with them again in the future.

Bonus points if you can find someone in your industry. It’s also a good idea to look for similar projects to what you’re hoping to hire for.

Ask for Specifics

A telltale sign of an inexperienced SEO service is someone who talks vaguely about boosting traffic to your website. Good search engine optimization is highly data-driven, meaning the client should be able to point to specific results they’ve obtained in the past.

Ask for specific details like:

  • How much growth they can guarantee (or at least expect)
  • How long it takes them to achieve success
  • How much ongoing work will cost beyond the initial assessment/project (if any at all)

Another sign that you should move on? Someone who isn’t willing to explain these things to you in great detail. Find someone with the heart of a teacher.

SEO Services Near Me

You want to find reputable agencies or freelancers when you type in “SEO services near me.” 

Narrowing down the field of options is best accomplished when you carefully read reviews, ask good questions, and talk to past clients. Get a feel for both the success rate they can specifically promise and the type of professionals you’ll be dealing with.

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