Instantly grow your ecommerce business 25%+ with Amazon Buy with Prime: Here’s how

Amazon Buy with Prime was built to provide the ultimate shopping experience for customers. But for an e-commerce merchant like yourself, “Buy with Prime can help drive higher conversion rates and an increase your revenue.

Amazon says the Buy with Prime feature button is helping eCommerce businesses increase their conversion rate by 25% by offering fast shipping and delivery, easy returns and a seamless checkout experience for customers.

Amazon’s pitch for Buy with Prime is that it allows customers to enjoy the full benefits of the Fulfilled by Amazon Program (FBA) on any ecommerce platform. But for D2C ecommerce brands like yours, this could be a goldmine!

Top 5 Benefits of Amazon Buy with Prime for ecommerce merchants

Since Amazon launched Buy with Prime in April 2022 many ecommerce merchants claim to have noticed a marked increase in their conversion rate. Brands like Trophy Skin and Wyze report a 30% increase in their conversion rate after adding the Buy with Prime button to their site.

Here are the other key benefits of using Amazon Buy with Prime

1. Customer confidence. Amazon’s popularity makes it easier for customers to trust your business when they have to checkout via the Buy with Prime button.

2. Fast shipping and delivery. Amazon Buy with Prime can fulfil orders in two days. Customers are always thrilled when their order is shipped and delivered fast.

3. Better customer relationships. Buy with Prime helps eCommerce merchants improve their relationships with customers given that orders are fulfilled professionally and returns are handled by Amazon.

4. Seller fulfilled prime. If your business is still growing and yet to have its own fulfilment operation set up, Buy with Prime is an excellent choice to help handle orders directly from your warehouse.

5. Integrates with most ecommerce sites. Amazon Buy with Prime can be integrated with nearly every ecommerce platform you can think of because Amazon provides you with an installation code which can be added to your site. There’s even an app to easily add Buy with Prime to BigCommerce.

To start enjoying the immense benefits of Amazon Buy with Prime you have to integrate it with your ecommerce store first.

Let’s walk you through how to integrate Amazon Buy with Prime to your ecommerce website.

How to add Buy with Prime to your ecommerce website

There are two basic requirements before you can add Buy with Prime to any ecommerce website:

1. A United States-based entity. Amazon Buy with Prime is only available to businesses registered and operating in the US.

2. An ecommerce website.

With those two confirmed you can now proceed to create your Buy with Prime account by following the next steps.

Step 1. Sign up. Fill in your details on the Buy with Prime signup page.

Step 2. Complete the Buy with Prime requirements.

In this section, you need to fill in your business details, link your ecommerce account and activate Buy with Prime for your products.  

Step 3. Install the Buy with Prime button code on your website theme.

You will only be allowed to create and install a Buy with Prime button code on your ecommerce site after Amazon has verified your business details.

Here’s what it will look like on your product checkout page:

When a customer clicks the Buy with Prime button on your site they will be prompted to checkout via their Amazon account. Amazon will proceed to fulfil the order.

How to add Buy with Prime to your Shopify store

If you have a Shopify store you can add Buy with Prime to your checkout page by placing the installation code inside the code of your Shopify theme.

Here are the steps to do it.

Step 1. Log in to your Shopify store

Step 2. Navigate to Theme customization. Sales Channel > Online Store > Themes > Customize.

Step 3. Select Default Product.

Step 4. Select Purchase buttons

Step 5. Select Add Block and click on Custom Liquid on the drop-down.

Step 6. Paste your Buy with Prime button code into the editor box. Save.

Step 7. Drag the new Custom Liquid under the Add to Cart buttons.

That’s it! You’ve added Buy with Prime to your Shopify site.

Amazon Buy with Prime can be integrated with Klaviyo

Buy with Prime can be integrated with your Klaviyo account to get a bird’s eye view of what customers are doing on your ecommerce platform.

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing automation platform built for small and big ecommerce businesses. It leverages customer data to help ecommerce merchants build deeper customer relationships which are invaluable for higher conversion rates and business growth.

You can even integrate Buy with Prime with Klaviyo to get insight into your customer data, create automated and targeted marketing campaigns and set triggers based on customer behaviour on your site.

Forge can help

You can start seeing instant results in terms of your conversion rate and revenue just by adding Buy with Prime button to your ecommerce website.

Buy with Prime transfers the heavy lifting to Amazon. They handle the shipping and fulfilment. Amazon even stores the product for the seller.

However, setting up Buy with Prime for your ecommerce site can be a little tricky. In some cases, you may need some coding experience to do it right. That’s where Forge can help.

We’ve helped many ecommerce businesses add the Buy with Prime feature to their websites in minutes and we can do the same for you. Contact us to get it done and start scaling your conversion rates into the stratosphere!