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Google Ads Case Study
Our agency was approached by a supplement company that sells health and wellness products online. They were interested in growing their business and increasing their online sales, but they were struggling to achieve a profitable return on their advertising spend.

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The Challenge

After conducting a thorough analysis of their business, we recommended using Google Performance Max and Shopping ads to promote their products online. Our strategy involved the following steps:

Research and analysis: We conducted extensive research into the supplement industry and the target audience of our client. We used this information to identify the most effective keywords, ad formats, and targeting options for our campaign.

Campaign setup: We set up a comprehensive Google Performance Max campaign, which included Shopping ads and display ads. We optimized the campaign for conversions, using machine learning to automatically adjust bids and targeting based on performance data.

Ad creation: We created compelling ad copy and visually appealing product images to make our client's products stand out from the competition. We also added promotional offers and discounts to increase the attractiveness of the ads.

Tracking and optimization: We closely monitored the performance of the campaign, tracking key metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. We made regular adjustments to the campaign, including bid adjustments, ad copy tweaks, and targeting modifications, to optimize for maximum return on ad spend.

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The Results





Our campaign was a huge success, achieving a return of $57,588 in sales from a budget of $9,057 in ad spend. Here are some of the key metrics from the campaign:

Click-through rate: 4.2%
Conversion rate: 8.5%
Cost per conversion: $29.72
Return on ad spend: 6.36x

The Shopping ads were particularly effective, generating over 75% of the total sales and achieving a return on ad spend of over 6x. Our client was thrilled with the results and has since expanded their advertising budget to further scale their business.
By using Google Performance Max and Shopping ads, our agency was able to help our supplement client achieve a significant increase in sales and return on ad spend. Our comprehensive research and optimization, combined with machine learning, enabled us to create a highly effective advertising campaign that produced impressive results.

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