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Why reinvent the wheel? There’s no point! Get an agency on board to create and manage your e-commerce marketing strategy.

There’s a whole bunch of reasons. One is that hiring e-commerce marketing professionals is a trend that never ends. Another is that you’ll make more money.

We see that we’ve grabbed your attention by mentioning the dollar factor. Read on, as we zoom in on reasons why you need a pro, or a team of them, to slay that strategy for you.

1. It Saves You Money

Avoid a steep learning curve — and possible failure — by trying to handle all marketing responsibilities on your own. The benefits of outsourcing rather than trying to perform certain functions in-house are well known.  Aside from outsourcing to experts with a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge, other benefits include:

  • a more flexible balance sheet, with outsourcing falling into the variable costs category
  • increased efficiency, as you leverage an outsourced provider’s cost structure and economies of scale
  • reduced labor costs, especially in the hiring and training departments
  • the ability to start new projects almost immediately since everyone at your chosen agency is already raring to go
  • the freedom to focus on your core business and devote most of your attention to operational priorities
  • reducing risk by acknowledging that an agency knows how to avoid risk in the area they specialize in
  • gaining a competitive edge over larger companies than yours in the marketplace

2. You Get Real SEO Expertise

At Forge Digital Marketing, we go beyond traditional SEO that focuses on keyword optimization to improve rankings in organic search results. With us, you get a full technical SEO service, or website audit.

In other words, you benefit from the get-go from a code-level approach to optimize your website so that you achieve better ranking and greater visibility within organic searches. Tech SEO adapts your content, web design, and code structure so that search engines can crawl, find, and index your web pages. Other aspects of tech SEO we deal with include

  • meta content
  • page performance
  • structured data
  • device compatibility
  • digital accessibility

These aspects of technical SEO result in greater search engine visibility. Enhancing these aspects drives more organic traffic to your site. Aside from technical SEO, thought, your website content is the foundation of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

3. Keyword-Driven Content Works an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Building backlinks — links to your website from other websites — is part of any effective content marketing strategy. In other words, it is an inbound link. Search engines view backlinks as validation that your website content is both useful and credible.

Your credibility grows and the number of backlinks increases. Building “white hat”, or legitimate backlinks is to produce high-quality content on a regular basis results in your pages ranking higher in organic search results. 

As the mantra goes, content is king, and so are keywords. Our agency uses the latest keyword research tools to discover what keywords will work best for your business.

4. You Can Be the Best Across All Devices

Some people erroneously think that their SEO ranking remains the same across all devices. Research has discovered that this is true for only 13% of websites. Added to that, more and more users are habitually using search functions in social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We use up-to-date market intel like that to give our clients the edge over their competitors. That’s another reason you should engage the pros to help you create and manage your e-commerce strategy. You instantly gain access to state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and resources.

Using an agency to develop your e-commerce marketing strategy can give you the necessary boost to get ahead of your competitors because the newest techniques, tools, and resources are at your disposal. In essence, this is agile marketing in action.

5. You Get Content Management & SEO Copywriting

Content is written using keyword strategies designed to help that content rank better for targeted search queries. Your keyword strategy should also apply to page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags, for example.

Forge Digital Marketing works out content recommendations that are custom made for you and perfectly aligned to your business goals. Our recommendations include input on

  • high-level messaging
  • a value proposition
  • social media integration.
  • publishing workflows and a schedule for you to stick to

6. You Get Marketing Experts

A lot of digital marketing agencies are hyped up on the digital side of things. But they often lack true marketing expertise. Forge Digital has well-grounded expertise in both. We have the kind of expertise you can rely on in areas as diverse as

We’ll also help you navigate your way through the benefits of incorporating geolocation and IP targeting into your advertising strategy.

Because we are e-commerce marketing experts, we are not in the least fazed by setting up and managing paid ad campaigns. A killer PPC campaign needs a lot of thought and scrutiny — both in the planning and follow-up stages.

7. Tracking, Tracing and Regular Reports

Part of any excellent agency’s service to create an e-commerce marketing strategy for its clients is regular reporting and transparency. Forge Digital Marketing gives you a set of detailed and easy-to-understand reports every month.

That way, you can track your progress, see if your KPIs are actually performing, and see what has improved and how the whole process is going. We will identify areas of CRO (conversion rate optimization) and other opportunities each month to consistently improve your approach. Read about what we have to say about SEO on our website!

Dare To Dazzle

Forge Digital Marketing is not just a bunch of geeks who know their way around all this technical stuff. We have in-depth marketing knowledge that informs the way we help you to stand out from the crowd and positively shine. Our track record with setting up an e-commerce marketing strategy for startups and SMEs is particularly good for that reason. 

Don’t be someone else’s guinea pig. Don’t be a hamster on a reinvented wheel. Make the most of everything your business stands for and produces.

If you’re not sure what that is, come and talk to us at Forge Digital. You can contact us right here!

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Website Design & Development
It’s really easy to get comfortable with your website. You may have invested a lot in your initial site design or development or you might just think that having something up is all you need for your digital presence. The truth is, customers that visit your site regularly for updated information on sales, events, etc. expect to see a consistent effort in updating your website. We all have the attention span of goldfish these days, and if our attention is not captured, we won’t stick around. A great way to determine if people are getting bored is to check your Google Analytics and monitor your bounce rate on your pages (email or chat us if you would like help looking up these stats). Anyway, here are 5 signs it might be time for a website redesign!

1. You’re not generating leads or customers

This is your biggest sign that it’s time for a website redesign. We implore you to not just look at your website as a static, unchanging flyer for your business. NO! Your website is your BIGGEST marketing tool and should be leveraged to funnel new clients and customers into your business and ultimately generate revenue for you.

2. You’re not mobile optimized

It’s almost 2018 and if your site is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, well, it’s bad. You could be missing out on 60% or more of your potential website visitors. No one wants to pinch to expand and scroll around all your tiny text! Time for a website redesign | Mobile Optimized Website | Forge Digital Marketing

3. You’re not ranking in Google

If you don’t rank locally for your own website name, you probably don’t have a Search Engine Optimized website. SEO is a technique that digital marketers use to help websites rank higher up in Google Search results. With more people being able to find your website, you will have more traffic and that means more leads! SEO is a consistent, ongoing service we offer to help our customers get found by people searching for businesses just like yours!

4. Your site is slow

Another sign that your site is not optimized is the speed at which it loads. If your site loads slowly, people will leave within 3 seconds! Yes, just 3 seconds of wait time is enough to discourage people from using your website. ? Think of all the lost leads! Want to see just how slow your site is? Give it a test at

5. Your content is stale

So many small business owners are too busy actually running their business to take time to generate exciting new content for online viewers. The best way to connect with your customers is through video marketing. People would much rather watch a video on your website or social media pages than read a ton of text about your offerings. Another great way to boost SEO and grab attention is through a consistently updated blog! See, you read till the end of this post! Is your website guilty of these 5 sins? Then it’s definitely time for a redesign. Contact us today for a free discovery session where we discuss the gameplan of your website redesign!