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Case Study: Rebuilding SEO From Scratch for Fly Alliance

Fly Alliance, a leading provider of jet card memberships, private jet charters, and fractional jet ownership, approached Forge Digital Marketing for an innovative solution to an immediate problem: a drastic reduction in organic traffic. A recent website redesign had inadvertently obliterated their SEO standings, effectively making them invisible in the digital world. As a result, their sales leads were down, and so was their revenue. They needed a rapid solution to restore and improve their organic traffic, client calls, and form fills.
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The Challenge

Fly Alliance was dealing with the aftermath of a website redesign that had wiped their online visibility off the map. Not only had they lost their existing traffic, but they were also ranked for a mere 86 low-value keywords. In essence, Fly Alliance had found themselves in the digital equivalent of being lost at sea.

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The Solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation, Forge Digital Marketing deployed a quick-win SEO strategy. The plan involved overhauling the website's SEO profile, enriching it with high-value, intent-matching keywords, and enhancing the website's organic visibility on search engines.

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The Execution

Within a period of three months, the Forge team performed extensive keyword research and on-page SEO optimizations, unearthing over 2400 high-value, intent-matching keywords. The website was revamped to incorporate these keywords strategically, and link-building efforts were made to boost organic visibility.

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The Results


Organic Sessions


Keyword Rankings

The results of our strategic SEO overhaul were immediate and impressive. We managed to increase their organic traffic by 1000 sessions a month, a significant milestone considering the severity of their initial situation. Fly Alliance's keyword rankings skyrocketed from 86 to over 2400, a testament to Forge's commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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