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Case Study: Harnessing Influencer Power for Boosting Brand Visibility
Our client, a prominent hemp gummies company, was eager to maximize their social media presence and drive more traffic to their brand. Recognizing the enormous potential of influencer marketing, they reached out to Forge Digital Marketing to implement a winning strategy.
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The Challenge

The client's primary objective was to increase their Instagram followers and capture potential customer emails. However, achieving these goals necessitated the identification and collaboration with an influencer whose follower base aligned perfectly with the client's target audience.

The Solution

Forge Digital Marketing devised a two-fold strategy involving renowned social media star, Jake Paul, who boasts over 14 million followers. We decided to host an Instagram giveaway on Jake's account to attract new followers to the client's account. Simultaneously, we planned a cross-promotion on the client's account, offering free product giveaways in exchange for user emails.

The Execution

Jake Paul, known for his engaging content, hosted the giveaway on his Instagram page. His followers were prompted to follow the client's Instagram account, giving the brand an immense visibility boost. Meanwhile, on the client's account, we ran a promotion offering free products to those who provided their email addresses.

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The Results


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Subscribers

The influencer marketing campaign's success exceeded expectations. The client's Instagram account gained over 78k new followers, a remarkable uptick from the influencer giveaway. This single promotion resulted in 141,868 Instagram impressions, proving the value of partnering with the right influencer.

Moreover, the cross-promotion giveaway on the client's account captured 5,000 emails, creating a pipeline for future marketing efforts and potential long-term customer relationships. All this was achieved with an investment of just $6,000, underlining the cost-effective nature of a well-planned influencer marketing campaign.

This case study illustrates the substantial impact of influencer marketing when conducted correctly. Forge Digital Marketing successfully utilized a high-profile influencer to drive brand visibility, increase followers, and capture valuable customer data for our client.

If your business seeks to expand its reach and attract potential customers through influential voices, Forge Digital Marketing is ready to make it happen. Let's create your success story together. Contact us today!

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