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Case Study: Elevating Club 13's Revenue and Visibility with Email Marketing, SEO, and Programmatic Display Ads

Club 13, a distinguished health and wellness brand, needed an expert hand to navigate the complexities of online marketing. With a product range that included kratom-based goods, restricted from being advertised on major digital channels like Google and Meta Ads, they faced unique challenges. They turned to Forge Digital Marketing to build an impactful email marketing strategy, enhance SEO, and deploy compliant programmatic display ads to expand their reach.

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The Challenge

Club 13’s marketing woes spanned multiple fronts. They lacked an effective email marketing strategy, had room to improve their organic traffic and keyword rankings, and were unable to tap into the potential of online advertising due to the nature of their products.
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The Solution

Forge Digital Marketing designed a comprehensive three-pronged strategy to overcome Club 13's challenges. We built an array of automated email flows, optimized the website for SEO, and formulated a compliant programmatic display ads strategy. The ads strategy was tailored to attract new customers and retarget past site visitors, circumventing the restrictions imposed by major digital advertising platforms.
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The Execution

Club 13's email marketing strategy involved implementing a variety of tailored email flows that catered to different stages of the customer journey, combined with monthly promotional campaigns to sustain engagement. For the SEO aspect, our team focused on optimizing the website to increase organic search traffic and boost keyword rankings.

Simultaneously, we rolled out programmatic display ads designed to compliantly advertise Club 13's products and drive traffic back to the site. These ads targeted potential new customers and past site visitors, offering compelling incentives to revisit and shop from Club 13.
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The Results


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Order Rate

The transformation in Club 13’s performance was dramatic. Within six months of implementing the email marketing strategy, Club 13 saw an increase of over 999% in sales, translating into multiple six figures of additional revenue. The SEO strategy showed early signs of success, with a 15% increase in organic search traffic month over month and +580 new keyword rankings within the first 30 days.

Club 13's programmatic display ads proved to be an effective solution to their digital advertising challenge, enabling them to compliantly reach out to their target audience, drive traffic back to the site, and increase conversions.

The Conclusion

Club 13's success underscores the effectiveness of Forge Digital Marketing's comprehensive solutions tailored to address unique business challenges. Whether it's crafting an impactful email marketing strategy, enhancing SEO, or navigating complex digital advertising landscapes, our expertise can help drive substantial results.

If you're ready to explore new avenues for your brand visibility and revenue, contact us today. Your success story awaits.

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