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Client Success Story: Core Nutritionals & The Google Ads Breakthrough
Armed with data-driven insights and a deep understanding of the supplement market, Forge devised a 3-month Google Ads sprint. Our strategy was multifaceted, integrating search, shopping, and the innovative Performance Max ads to cast a wide yet targeted net.
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The Background

Core Nutritionals had been hitting a brick wall with Google Ads due to the strict policies around health supplements. Despite offering fully tested and legal products, they faced the common industry hurdle of product blacklisting and account suspensions. Enter Forge, with our blend of compliance savvy and advertising acumen.

The Challenge

To not only launch but also sustain a successful Google Ads campaign for Core Nutritionals amidst stringent restrictions that had hampered their previous digital advertising efforts.

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The Strategy:

Understanding the delicacy of compliance in the supplement industry, we didn’t shy away from the challenge. We worked hand-in-hand with Core Nutritionals and our dedicated Google reps to craft a bulletproof strategy.

  • Site and Product Optimization: Meticulous edits were made to the site and product descriptions, ensuring adherence to Google’s strict guidelines without diluting the brand’s impactful messaging.
  • Manual Reviews and Advocacy: Leveraging our strong relationship with Google, we pushed for manual reviews, advocating for the legitimacy and quality of Core Nutritionals' products.
  • A Tailored Google Ads Sprint: With the green light from Google, we initiated a 3-month targeted campaign utilizing search, shopping, and Performance Max ads.

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Revenue in 3 Months


Conversion Rate

The Impact

The results were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Unprecedented Conversion Rates: The campaign not only went live but thrived, boasting a 9% conversion rate—previously unheard of for the client.
  • Exceptional CPA: A cost-per-acquisition of $16.97 maintained profitability on average cart orders of $76, showcasing the efficacy of our carefully calibrated approach.
  • Highlight on Creatine: We saw soaring performance in creatine sales, a standout success contributing to an exceptional holiday sales season.

For Core Nutritionals, the Google Ads 'great brick wall' was transformed into a gateway to unprecedented digital success by Forge. This case is a testament to our unwavering commitment to overcoming advertising barriers and driving tangible results through strategic problem-solving and innovation.

Ready for your own success story? Let’s talk about how Forge can help you navigate the digital advertising landscape and achieve results that exceed expectations.

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