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About 80% of new leads never convert into paying customers. Meanwhile, 65% of businesses struggle to generate leads at all. If you don’t know how to generate leads, your business startup will never grow.

Here are a few tips you can use to generate website traffic and quality leads. With these tips, you can use a successful website to help your business grow. Learn how to improve your web design for lead generation today.

Research Your Audience

First, learn as much as possible about your target audience. Defining your audience based on psycho- and demographic data will help you leverage personalization. Personalizing your website and content can help you attract ideal customers. 

Consumers will begin to recognize you understand the problems they’re facing. You can empathize with their pain points before offering personalized solutions.

You can personalize your headlines, imagery, call-to-action language, and body text based on who you’re trying to reach.

When defining your audience, consider their:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Career
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Buying behaviors
  • Online behaviors
  • Pain points

Gather keyword research to determine how consumers find your business online, too. What keywords do they use during a Google search to find your business, products, or services? You can use platforms like SEMRush, Google Trends, or Keyword Planner to get started. 

When building a list of target keywords, look for longer phrases (usually containing four or more words). These long-tail keywords can help you determine the user’s needs (their search intent). Then, you can create blog content that aligns with their intent to offer the help they need. 

Capture Emails

Build a list of email subscribers by adding a lead magnet to your website.

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content your website visitors want to download in exchange for their emails. For example, you might offer a helpful tool or informative eBook. Make sure your lead magnet offers value the consumer can’t find elsewhere.

Then, add a form to your website that requests their name and email addresses. Avoid adding unnecessary fields. The visitor might get frustrated and quit completing the form if there are too many fields. 

Once the visitor completes the form, direct them to a thank you page to show your appreciation. 

To generate more leads, add lead-capturing forms to more than one page on your website. Consider adding an eye-catching call-to-action button to the navigation bar. Include a small form in the footer of your website, too. 

For your business startup, try gathering emails before your website goes live. You can encourage people to sign up to count down to your launch date. You can also offer updates about your startup to keep them informed. 

Improve the User Experience

A strong user experience (UX) will keep visitors on your website actively engaged. About 74% of visitors will return to your website if you offer good mobile UX. Over 50% of consumers say a bad mobile experience will cause them to lose faith in a company. 

Meanwhile, 75% of visitors will form their opinion about your website aesthetics as well. 

Another 70% will abandon their shopping carts on your website if you offer bad UX.

To improve the UX on your website, follow Google’s Core Web Vitals. Following these user-centric factors will benefit your organic search engine rankings, too. Higher search engine rankings can help you generate more website traffic. 

Make sure your site is fast, secure, and mobile-optimized as well.

Run your website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights to determine if it’s time to update your website design. Otherwise, use negative space to give your content room to breathe. Update the navigation bar to only display essential pages to help visitors find the information they need.

You can improve your website’s readability using headers, subheaders, lists, shorter sentences, and shorter paragraphs. Test all forms on mobile and desktop devices, too. 

Create Quality Content

High-quality content can help you generate more website traffic, which could help you generate fresh leads. Use your keyword research to determine what topics to cover within your posts. Then, diversify your content marketing strategy with:

  • Blog posts/articles
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Webinars

End each post with a strong call to action to generate more conversions. 


Help more people find your website content with search engine optimization (SEO). Optimize each post you create by adding the target keyword to the:

  • Page title
  • URL
  • Opening and closing paragraphs
  • Body text
  • H1 header
  • Image file name and alt text
  • SEO title and description

The SEO title and description will appear on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). Make sure they’re intriguing enough to encourage clicks. In time, your clickthrough rate will improve, which could lead to higher SERP rankings.

Claim and optimize your Google Business listing as well. Your listing will direct more people to your website.

Design PPC Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google or Facebook Ads can help you generate more website traffic. You can target consumers based on different buyer personas to create personalized ads.

Create both text and display ads to capture the consumer’s attention.

Use remarketing ads to reappear in front of people who have visited your website in the past. 

Share Testimonials as Proof

Testimonials from previous customers can encourage new customers to trust your brand. Create a dedicated testimonials page on your website. Ask consumers to share their reviews on your Google Business listing, too.

Add a call to action button on your testimonials page to generate more leads. 

Discover How to Generate Leads Today

Don’t spread the word about your business startup without learning how to generate leads first. With these tips, you can attract new customers to your website. As you generate more website traffic, you’ll have more opportunities to generate quality leads.

Set your business up for success with these marketing tips today.

Need help? We’re happy to lend a hand. 

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Influencer Marketing

Did you know that 87 percent of consumers say that they’ve made a purchase because an influencer has prompted them to?

In recent years, the CBD industry has experienced phenomenal growth as consumers around the world discover the numerous benefits of CBD products.

This booming market has created increased competition. This is why it is essential for businesses to embrace new strategies for standing out in a crowded space.

One proven way to enhance brand visibility is through influencer marketing. This powerful tool can drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales.

To make things easier for you, we’ve written a guide that explains how to make use of CBD product influencers. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Does a CBD Influencer Do?

By creating engaging content, a CBD influencer educates their audience on the properties, usage, and potential health benefits of CBD.

By partnering with brands and businesses, CBD influencers review and showcase various products. They will also share their experiences and recommendations.

Some CBD influencers might address misconceptions, create awareness about legalities, and advocate for the responsible and safe use of CBD in daily life.

It can be difficult to find a CBD influencer who is aligned with your brand’s values. This is why so important to know how to find the right CBD influencers. 

The Best Influencer Marketing Tools

There are several tools that can help streamline the process of identifying, managing, and collaborating with CBD influencers. Here are some of the most helpful tools that you should consider using. 


Traackr is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform. You can use it to find and manage influencers. The platform also helps users to track their performance and measure campaign results.

With its advanced search capabilities, you can easily discover CBD influencers who align with your brand values. Traackr also offers tools for managing influencer relationships.

The platform’s robust analytics provide valuable insights. You can use these features to optimize your influencer marketing strategy.


Trello is a visual project management tool. It uses boards, lists, and cards to help you organize tasks. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can use this interface to manage projects and track progress.

You can also collaborate with team members. This might involve assigning tasks and setting deadlines. 


BuzzSumo is a powerful content analysis and influencer research tool. You should consider using it if you want to discover the most influential content creators in your niche.

You can enter relevant keywords to quickly find CBD influencers who create engaging content. The platform also offers content analysis features. This makes it easy to improve SEO for your business.


Asana is a powerful project management app. You can use it to create, assign, and track tasks. It even has customizable workflows.

With its robust features, Asana helps you streamline communications and monitor project timelines. The app offers various views. This includes lists, boards, and calendars.


With Klear’s extensive database, you can easily discover CBD influencers who align with your brand’s target audience. 

The platform’s CRM features facilitate seamless communication. This will allow you to nurture long-term partnerships with influencers.


Upfluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. It streamlines the process of discovering and managing influencer campaigns.

Upfluence can help you find the right CBD influencers. Additionally, Upfluence’s real-time analytics provide valuable insights. This will empower you to optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a comprehensive time management app. It tracks your work hours, breaks, and productivity.

You can use its advanced features to monitor the time spent on various tasks. You can even set goals and generate reports.

Time Doctor also offers integrations with popular project management tools. You can use these integrations to streamline your workflows.


Brand24 is a social media monitoring and analytics tool. Businesses use it to track mentions. It is also possible to identify influencers.

You can use Brand24’s sentiment analysis feature to gauge public perception of your brand. You can also measure the impact of your influencer collaborations.

Don’t Chase Bright and Shiny Objects

When crafting a digital marketing strategy for your CBD business, it’s crucial not to chase bright and shiny objects, such as focusing solely on influencers with the most followers or the latest trending platforms.

While it might be tempting to go after these high-profile opportunities, it can lead to less effective influencer ads and an overall weaker digital marketing campaign.

Authenticity in influencer ads resonates better with consumers and drives higher engagement, ultimately leading to better results for your digital marketing efforts.

You should also understand that a high follower count doesn’t guarantee that an influencer’s audience will engage with your content or be interested in your CBD products.

Lastly, understand that chasing trends can result in short-lived partnerships that may not yield the desired results.

Instead, focus on building long-term relationships with influencers who are genuinely passionate about your brand and products.

These partnerships tend to be more fruitful and foster a sense of loyalty, making your digital marketing efforts more impactful. 

The Top CBD Influencer Marketing Tools

It can be difficult to know what CBD influencer marketing tools to use. 

If you want to find CBD influencers, consider using Klear or Upfluence. It is also a good idea to use project management software. Before choosing an influencer, make sure that they align with your brand values. 

Do you need help improving your digital marketing efforts? If so, we can help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started today!